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Customised Solutions

The team members of the ACUMEN group are all passionate about thinking BIG. Our founding philosophy is that we want every business to be able to scale the heights of conglomerates.

To drive that vision we emphasise customised software that can grow as the enterprise grows. The technology team works with the accountants and business analysts to establish the requirements and then designs the appropriate platform.

Customised solutions need not be expensive or require capital outlay. Our team will design the platform that you require and then expand it as your business expands. We do not only provide a software solution but the business acumen and wisdom that will help you get a solution that you can use and that will benefit your organisation.  


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CLOUD Solutions

Our CLOUD Solution provides any sized company with a comprehensive technology solution for every aspect of your business. CLOUD technology allows for flexibility and the sharing of information across an entire company, no matter how many divisions, branches or locations your business has.

The advantage of CLOUD is that management can access any information at any time. This allows for self engaging employees without an element of supervision. Our CLOUD solution is POPI compliant and provides for your accounting, Point of Sale, Human resources, fleet management, time tracking and even customer surveys.

ACUMEN's philosophy is that technology is crucial in the fast moving world; more importantly there is no reason why these technologies can not be made available to the start-up or entrepeneur. Our CLOUD solution does just that!


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POPI Compliance

The Protection of Personal Information Act is crucial for doing business. Not only because it could result in fines, in criminal sanctions and even imprisonment; but more importantly confidence of the public and your clients are essential in the digital age.

ACUMEN ICT Solutions offers you a specialised team of IT security experts, human resource specialists and business process analysts.

POPI also requires you to appoint an information officer, much like a company secretary this person must ensure compliance in every aspect. POPI requires that you continuously audit and assess to ensure that your processes stay up to date with advances in technology.