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Bill 4 Time - Legal Billing Software

Given the choice, would you spend more time generating fees or more time calculating what to bill? Time spent preparing invoices is time spent without generating revenue. Billing your clients is the very essence of your revenue stream and as lawyers you know that time is money.

Start spending more time on practicing law, and less time doing paperwork and billing. OUTSOURCE to a firm that will manage your billing with the care and attention that it deserves.

Combining legal and billing experience Bill 4 Time utilises America’s biggest selling accounting software along with their legal industry knowledge to offer you a complete billing and accounting solution designed and implemented with YOU in mind.

Bill 4 Time presents a total billing and bookkeeping solution that allows you to concentrate on law. Our solution maximises and simplifies your billing, takes care of TRUST accounting and generates a full set of financials.


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Our POINT OF SALE (POS) system is easy to use, and does not require expensive hardware to set up.
The stock features are arguably beyond that of any POS. Multiple warehouses, locations and even manufacturing.

User password access, cashups and links through to your accounting records. The system is comprehensive and adaptable to a multitude of industries.

Web based means you can use multiple devices - let the waiter enter the order immediately, saving time and reducing error risk.


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Every business needs an accountant

Every business needs a lawyer

Every business needs human resource advice

Every business needs technological processes.

BUSINESS IN A BOX gives you all of the above, along with mentorship, guidance and resources. 

BUSINESS IN A BOX is aimed at realising our vision, growing businesses. The needs are vital, yet many start ups choose to save on these costs.

Specialised skills can be beyond the reach of a small business, often straining cash flow when the company needs to call on the expert.

BUSINESS IN A BOX allows the small business owner to have all tehse skills available at an affordable rate. Think of it as your own personal board of directors.