Lawyers as Peacemakers

The business landscape is fraught with legal issues throughout. At the outset your company structure needs agreements, staff contracts, leases, sales agreements so it continues. Our legal consulting services can address almost every issue that is required, legal compliance and protecting your interests are an integral strategic consideration.

In tandem with our accounting team and business analysts we are able to give legal advice that incorporates your overall vision and strategy. In the event that you do find yourself in dispute, our approach is that of seeking a resolution.

When litigation is required, we have a fine network of attorneys and advocates across sectors that can be called on to represent you with vigour and excellence.We will gladly provide researched legal opinions and will consult on legal strategy where required.





Mergers & Acquisitions

Growth of a business often leads to mergers and acquisitions of other entities. We represent participants in virtually all capacities; purchasers, sellers, directors, shareholders, financiers and executive management. 

.We are able to conduct a comprehensive due diligence investigation, provide strategic advice, negotiate terms, draft documentation and then assist with the implementation from a legal perspective.


Explain the benefits you offer. Don't write about products or services here, write about solutions.

IT Intellectual Property

Domain name registration is part of an overall brand protection strategy. A business should ensure that they protect their brands and trade marks through an appropriate domain name strategic plan. 

We can assist you with registration, renewal and transfer of domains, other country code top level domains and generic top-level domains. We are also able to challenge (or defend) any conflicting domain registrations that may impact upon your business.



Feature Title

Panels are a great tool to compare offers or to emphasize on key features. To compare products, use the inside columns.

Contracts and Agreements

Your business will continuously be entering into contracts and agreements. Right from the beginning your partnership agreement or memorandum of Incorporation will set the tone. 

Our team can participate or advise you in negotiations and then draft the requisite agreements, big or small. Access to our accounting company provides for substantial expertise in analysing the financial intricacies and impact of deal terms.







Labour Law

Our legal division is able to provide a comprehensive employment law service including telephone and email advice that is available seven days a week.

We are available to chair your disciplinary hearings to ensure proper procedure and independent decision making, attend to negotiations and represent you at the CCMA or bargaining Council when so required.

Commercial Mediation

Mediation is a process in which a neutral, qualified and accredited person/persons facilitates a voluntary agreement between two or more people. 

Our mediators are able to assist the participants to clarify and define those unresolved issues rather than through the courts. The  Acumen  method is to find a way that makes business sense, seeking solutions rather than apportion blame or pander to egos.  



Business Rescue

Business ideas do not always work out. Often, the business is, in principle good, but perhaps past errors hang like a mill stone. 

Rescue requires a combination of strategists, accountants, lawyers and managers to turn the business around and move forward. Our team  is perfectly positioned to offer all these services and provide one team to advance your cause.