Funding proposals

SWOT Analysis

Due Diligence

Business Plans

Company Registrations

Partnership agreements

Business Software Solutions

Franchise Expansion

Disciplinary Hearings

Employment policies




Contracts and agreements

Cyber IP

Internet Security

POPI Compliance

Mystery Shopper


Industrial Relations

        Representation at CCMA disputes and Bargaining Councils (MIBCO, MEIBC etc.)

·       Representation at the Labour Court

·       Preparation of contracts / letters of employment and policy documents (restraint of trade, confidentiality, AIDS               policies etc.)

·       Conducting of disciplinary hearings at company premises

·       Assistance to employers with regards to progressive disciplinary action

·       Presenting seminars and conducting plant level training

·       Facilitation of S189 consultations

·       Supplying of relevant notices and documentation (notice of disciplinary hearings, disclosure of information etc.)

·       Conducting of negotiations with unions and section 21 verifications

·       Strike management and urgent Labour Court interdicts

·       Drafting of condonation and rescission applications

·       Regular updates to employers on relevant labour issues

Ideally, the star will be replaced within eight hours. This sends the message that no single individual is bigger than the company.

Jack Welch - Legendary CEO of General Electric