People as the Foundation of Success

To paraphrase Jack Welch and other great leaders - "If you are the coach of an international sports team, would you not pick the best players?"

ACUMEN HOLDINGS CEO is passionate and adamant that realising people are the foundation of success is the key for any organisation in terms of competitive advantage.

It is with this thought pattern that Anthony Sterne specifically chose to explore Human Resources as a strategic advantage and to make it possible for every enterprise to have access to these strategic resources.

Team Development

Using group and individual assessments we will evaluate the state and relative health of your organisation’s current team. The outcome is an in-depth report that clearly highlights immediate “red flags” and delivers a roadmap for medium and long terms improvements to get your business on track towards a making people the foundation of success culture.

A team, formal or informal, comprises individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultures, skills and personal make up. Acumen HR recognises this diversity and seeks to bring the individuals towards a common ground – the greater good of the organisation.

We undertake an assessment of how the individuals are perceived by their colleagues, their understanding of their purpose as team players and the quality of leadership. This can provide business leaders with crucial and objective insight into the overall strength of their current team. In this manner we can develop a framework for strategic decisions and interventions to manage conflict and help team leaders become more effective and team players to feel they belong and all strive towards the common purpose.


Enabling decision-makers to use interview and assessment materials in the right way is a crucial part in the hiring process. We develop a sustainable solution by taking an innovative approach to learning, and focus on teaching skills, and not only knowledge. We aim to truly engage managers and change their mindset around interviewing and hiring through practical examples, facilitated discussions and drawing on their personal experiences. Where possible, we aim to embed learning through follow-up discussion and coaching groups.

Acumen HR is available to conduct training for all levels of staff on any aspect of Labour law that you may require. In our experience, providing staff, be they supervisors or managers, with a basic understanding of misconduct and disciplinary processes develops confidence and improves the disciplinary process at all levels.

Not all training is of a formal session nature, it is inherent in any of our services that training is provided. In the people as the foundation of success program, emphasis is laid on the transfer of skills and creation of leaders.

Evaluations and incentives

We endorse the 20/70/10 system and that the employment relationship requires candour. Employees need to know what is expected of them, what they do well and what they do not do so well.

The person requires rewards on both a material and an emotional level. The workforce as a competitive advantage requires that leadership is constantly measuring the behaviours of the employees. 

An organisation needs to know what it,as an organisation, needs to improve, that information comes from the employees as much as it does from market. We allow for totally confidential assessments and internal surveys to maximise true information gathering.

Our mystery shopper program relies on a unique approach of allowing for differences of human perception. Shoppers are tasked with scoring on specific aspects of the business. Each aspect carries different weighting in accordance with the business model. Using shoppers of different demographics, data gathered is averaged to obtain a true reflection, which then discounts personal preferences.

The Mystery Shopper is also used to test the effect of training or ability of staff to deal with different situations. The shoppers will create the specific scenario to ascertain the employee’s or management ability to deal with the scenario propositioned.

Workforce Planning

Acumen HR’ Strategic Workforce Planning team will work with you to ensure you are managing your workforce effectively. In collaboration with you we will assess your current situation and needs and focus on the areas that will add the most to company performance.

Acumen HR provides tools and insight to maximize the output of your current team whilst simultaneously planning for future needs. Our Strategic Planning team will assess and develop a planning process that links the workforce to your operational and strategic objectives.

We can help with some, or all of the following:

- Workforce Analytics

- Demand planning and process modelling

- Shift review services

- Workforce skills gap analysis

- “What if” scenario modelling