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Organisational Behaviour

ACUMEN HR truly believes that the competitive advantage is to be found in your team. A unique selling proposition remains important but requires people to deliver on it. An organisation needs its workforce to know and understand the vision and strategy of the company.

ACUMEN HR is able to facilitate the creation of a culture that revolves around People as the foundation of success. Even if you have the best players you need them to work together as a team, striving towards the vision. Moulding the individuals into teams and team players is critical for success in the competitive market. ACUMEN HR is able to drive that process, working with you and your team to create leaders and team players.


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Industrial Relations

Acumen HR is able to provide a comprehensive employment law service including telephone and email advice that is available seven days a week.

Acumen HR conducts a risk analysis of your company and then compiles an appropriate remedial path if needed. Action at the preliminary stages provides a holistic approach, with a prevention rather than cure focus, by drafting contracts, policies and similar documentation to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation.

Acumen HR is available to chair your disciplinary hearings to ensure proper procedure and independent decision making, and represent you at the CCMA or bargaining Council when so required.

We also provide alternative dispute resolution assistance, mediating grievances, internal policy conflicts and negotiations.



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Change Management

Change, like taxes and death, is inevitable. Change may result from a merger or acquisition; it may even be as a result of an organisation seeking to change their culture or a retrenchment.

ACUMEN HR will assess the risks and develop a change management strategy that seeks to harmonise the natural resistance of people with the company's envisaged change.

A defined approach is crucial in a succesful change management program. Coaching and clear communication facilitate the adaption and integration of new methodologies, people and cultures. 


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Acumen HR offers training in all aspects of human resources.  An important aspect of our training program is that we will devise a schedule that allows your operation to continue unhindered without compromising the quality of training. We also have an online teaching platform that allows for flexibility and ongoing revision. We develop a sustainable solution by taking an innovative approach to learning, and focus on teaching skills, and not only knowledge. 

In our experience, providing staff, be they supervisors or managers, with a basic understanding of misconduct and disciplinary processes develops confidence and improves the disciplinary process at all levels. We aim to truly engage managers and through practical examples, facilitated discussions and drawing on their personal experiences. Where possible, we aim to embed learning through follow-up discussion, coaching groups and our online learning platform.