Analysing a Business


Critical Decisions

Whether you looking to buy a business, make an acquisition or raising financing, we can assist with a number of well known tools, matrixes and financial techniques

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SWOT Analysis

The traditional Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis tool. Used to develop potential strategies and determine which to pursue.

Business Plans

When looking for financing or investment, most potential financiers will want to see a business plan. We can develop a plan, with you, no matter how small the business


Your investment or acquisition will require a look at the numbers. Our team will develop your forecasts and budgets using industry trends and research of sectors.

Pitch to get in

If you happen to be walking into the Dragon's Den then you want a well developed pitch. Our team will help put together a pitch that contains all the important content. We can even hear your pitch and advise accordingly.

Franchise Development

In keeping with the ACUMEN philosophy we encourage entrepreneurs who want to franchise their business. Our team will help you get that franchise on the road by working with you to make your model franchisable and then to work on the presentation to potential franchisees.

Due Diligence

Conducting a due diligence is essential to ensure you do not overpay for an acquisition or purchase. It may also require researching the market potential, the impact of a decision and the true state of the business and industry sector.