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Financial Accounting

The ACUMEN group is built on the philosophy that financial data is integral to success. The mere accumulation of data is without substance unless that data can be used.

It is therefore vital that the information is collated into financial reports. ACUMEN Accounting's detailed knowledge of the accounting framework coupled with our business  experience allows us to compile reports that you can use to make informed decisions.

We are able to take your data and compile reports you need, in easy, readable format; be it for your own internal purposes or external use such as raising capital. All our business and accounting solutions include full financial accounting reporting structures.



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Business Solutions

Every business that decides to use accounting or bookkeeping software faces the dilemma of which software. That decision may be guided by your bookkeeper, auditor or colleagues. The ACUMEN philosophy is built on technology as a means of efficiency that leads to a competitive advantage.

We offer a full cloud service that provides a complete business solution. Accounting, POS, multiple stock units, human resource, CRM and such forth. Most importantly, our team of accountants, software guys and business analysts will work with you to arrive at a solution that works for YOU, in your business.

No matter which software you use, our team will work with you to structure the program to provide the best data for decision making and control.



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Forensic Accounting

ACUMEN Accounting has built a special passion for reconstructing financial records, especially when starting with an existing business that has not had the required guidance or wants to adapt to a more informative accounting policy. 

in conjunction with our legal and business management teams we are able to assist in forensic audits and investigations and present a report that is correct in terms of accounting but also observes the legal requirements of admissible evidence.

If you suspect employees engagement in fraudulent  activities then the subsequent disciplinary processes can be conducted by our employment law team.



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Bookkeeping or accounting, what is the difference? Bookkeeping is an indispensable subset of accounting. Bookkeeping refers to the process of accumulating, organizing, storing, and accessing the financial information which is needed for the day-to-day operations and to prepare the financial statements and reports.

ACUMEN Accounting will just as happily perform your bookkeeping functions as it will your accounting. We can provide the infrastructure and training to allow you to do your own bookkeeping and then, if you wish, will perform the accounting aspects of the process.