Numbers count - You

need an accountant

  We adopt a flexible, user-friendly approach and a reporting structure that suits your particular business model and will assist you in your day to day operations and facilitate informed strategic decision making

Monthly reporting and 

management reporting

Every month end is a year end for us. The use of benchmarking and ratio analysis will allow for early identification of possible areas of concern and the development of an appropriate remedial plan.


Lawyer at hand

any time, all the time

Access to legal advice encourages a prevention rather than cure culture. Without the spectre of burgeoning legal bills you can obtain the peace of mind that having a legal eye peruse agreements, contracts and obligations brings.

Technology - Innovate or


Our CLOUD solution ensures that your business

is using the latest technology to your benefit.

For Sale - TIME!

Time is your most valuable resource. We aim to

give you more of it, by maximising efficiency and productivity.

Red Tape and compliance

We want to get paid, so it is best we keep you

in business. Compliance and red tape can be overbearing - but make that our problem.

Human Resources

There is no "I" in team

Employees are the very foundation of your success. We will assist you in terms of your Human Resources, effectively acting as your HR manager.

Fixed Fees

No hidden surprise

Accounting, legal or consulting, we prefer flat rates

rather than hourly or ad hoc pricing.


Our team is fired with passion and dedication. You

have access to lawyers, accountants, It and business advice, from professionals - at a fraction of the full time employee cost.